First Stage theatre

A former cinema is becoming a theatre for 300 people

The former Kina cinema in the middle of Hamburg Altona is only known by a few. In the sixties it was also home to some shops before it was used as a supermarket in the seventies


Since the mid-eighties photographers used the large space to created car campaigns. Now a new chapter will be added to this lively history. The former cinema is transformed to a theater hosting nearly 300 people. It is a stage for young actors, dancers and singers.

For Germany's first and largest stage school the Kina theater will be their own stage for self-created productions. Since the opening the Kina theater is getting more popular ever since.

gross area 890 m2
building cost 1,6 Mio. € KG 300+400

year 2016
size 1 Saal + Nebenbühne
planning Petra Diesing/PL, Sven Liebrecht, Sabine Hainz, Tim Diesing
client stage school GmbH

structural eng. Ing.-Büro Hämmerling
Büro für Elektrotechnik S. Jansen

Tribüne Gesellschaft für Tribünen Architektur Reimann mbH
Veranstaltungstechnik Sound & Light Service GmbH
pictures stage school

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gross area 890 m²  //  building cost 1,60 Mio. € KG 300+400 //  year 2016 //  hoai phases 1-8 Neustadtarchitekten