Competition Neue Mitte Altona

2nd prize in the competition for a co-building group in Hamburg's Neue Mitte Altona

Both facades meeting in a sharp angle posses different qualities. The train tracks in the northwest and the sun in the southwest. Generous balconies orientate themselves to the latter.


A community space on the ground floor with a playing area for children and a kitchen is a meeting point for the future residents.

There is also a community roof garden and courtyard. All appartements are handicapped accesible and met the desired mix in appartemen sizes. 

A big factor were the noise protection regarding the train tracks as well as the fire protection regulations which were all met.

A total of 30 appartements and one office were designed each being as individual as the co-building group itself.

gross area 4.300 m
year 2015
size 30 Wohneinheiten + Büro
planning Petra Diesing/PL, Sven Liebrecht, Tim Diesing
client Baugemeinschaft „Die Zugvögel“

gross area 4.300 m²  //  size 30 Wohneinheiten + Büros //  year 2015 //  Competition 2. Preis Neustadtarchitekten