Kindergarten Bachstraße

Experiencing nature within the city

The kindergarten in the Bachstraße is situated right in the so-called „Komponistenviertel“ in Hamburg Barmbek. With its spacious outdoors and impressive trees the childcare stands for experiencing nature within the city !


On the other hand the trees worth preserving made the design for this competition by „elbkinder“ quite a challenge. The brief called for a contemporary and inviting building which had to be placed harmonically on the property

Neustadtarchitekten placed the two pedagogical wings in an L-shaped manner around the characteristics oak tree. A big plus for the competition was making the tree the new center of attention.

Arranged around the oak tree are all the group rooms, exits, balconies as well as the central entrance hall. Fire protection planning allowed for a spacious entrance hall including a staircase providing good orientation. Of course it is used for events, feasts and any kind of movement

The construction is made of timberframes and the facade is clad with natural building materials picking up on the nature experience theme. Large rocks to sit or climb upon are placed in the playing area. Wooden logs to discover and balance on accompany the architecture as well.

gross area 1.250 m2
building cost 1,85 Mio. € KG 300+400

year 2013
size 8 Gruppen
hoai phases 1-5 NeuStadtArchitekten Diesing Bulla GbR
planning Petra Diesing PL, Horst Stapelfeldt, Rosa Martinez Jaen
Vereinigung Hamburger Kitas gGmbH
LPH 6-9 Lup Architekten
structural eng. Ing.büro Cornelius Back

HLS Planung C. Deilke Ing.büro für Gebäude- und Energietechnik
I+M+S Ing.büro
pictures Anselm Gaupp

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gross area 1.250 m²  //  building cost 1,85 Mio. € KG 300+400 //  year 2013 //  hoai phases 1-5 Neustadtarchitekten