Competition Jenfelder Au

A flexible and adaptive co-building design

The appartement building in solid construction was developed meeting the requirements of the design principles „Jenfelder Au“ yet staying adjustable to the needs of the co-building group.


Systematically it is possible to decrease the number of the 22 appartements by leaving out some of the small 51 m² flats adding their area to the adjacent ones.

Even the facade is reacting to the heterogenous inside. Modules allow the future owners to chose from a variety of sizes, materials and positions of the openings.

The bright and friendly brick facade is harmonically combined with wood elements and rusted panels. Energywise the building is meeting KfW 55 standards being based upon the „Hamburg Water Cycle“ a local heat network powered by biogas which is gained by domestic waste water.

gross area 1.750 m2
year 2013

size 22 Wohneinheiten
Competition NeuStadtArchitekten Diesing Bulla GbR
planning Petra Diesing/PL,  Sven Liebrecht
Conplan GmbH

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gross area 1.750 m²  //  size 22 Wohneinheiten //  year 2013 //  Competition Neustadtarchitekten