Competition Götz-Areal Münchberg

Honorable mention at the competiton for the former Götz Areal

The attractive and contemporary ensemble adopts to the city texture of Münchberg. It creates new squares and uplifts the existing


The building structure appears to be broken down in single houses to keep the scale of the surroundings. Differentiating in heights to create an urban diversification

Penthouses top out the houses with generous outdoor spaces

Our design proposed a pocket park on the exact same spot where one used to be.

Inside the buildings the functions are organized in layers. On the ground floor one can find shops and a supermarket.

Above that are the office spaces located. The remaining two floors are for living

The facades interpret the typical plaster facades of the region. The outlines around the windows (faschen) are made of plaster and brick, changing from house to house. The upright window formats wrap around the whole complex to give it a unifying look.

area 4.400 m2
year 2017
size 25 appartements + office/shops
Competition Honorable mention NEUSTADTARCHITEKTEN
planning Petra Diesing/PL, Tim Diesing

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Honorable mention

gross area 4.400 m²  //  size 25 Wohneinheiten + Dienstleistung/Gewerbe //  year 2017 //  Competition Anerkennung Neustadtarchitekten